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Date: Friday, July 17, 2015

Time: 6-7:30 pm

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Just in case you must have a freshly baked cinnamon roll, orange roll or chocolate roll on a Sunday morning and Recipes Organic Bakery is closed. You can pop over to Whole Foods Market and our fresh baked cinnies are there mate, every day!

We are happy to be expanding our reach in central and southern California. Just trying to bring a little bit of cinnamon sunshine to you.

Get yours today at Recipes Organic Bakery- 604 Santa Barbara St. in Santa Barbara,  or Whole Foods.

cin rolls photo

cin rolls photo

When two darling women came in the bakery  a couple weeks back. They blended right in with our other customers. They sat in the back garden under a pink umbrella and enjoyed coffees and breakfast. But, what we didn’t know was that one of them was the food writer for Ed Hat.  She published a lovely piece on the Bakery, complete with photos, (she must be a photographer as well as a writer).

Check out the article by clicking on the link below:





IMG_0124I just read an article in the New York Times regarding new Australian style coffee houses just now coming to New York.  It is unusual for a restaurants to have great coffee and for coffee houses to have great food.  Australian breakky cafes are a hybrid of these two ideas, and Recipes nails it with proper chefs in the kitchen running the show and Australian trained baristas at the espresso machine. Good to know that Santa Barbara is ahead of the trend, sporting Recipes Organic Bakery with the full on Australian breakfast menu as well as the Australian coffee to go with it.

We are in our 3rd year of Australian yumminess, come in and give us a “goodday mate”  and we will throw in a free cinnamon roll with the purchase of a breakfast plate.

See the NY Times article here:

http://nyti.ms/1o9IAZYCafes you’d find in Melbourne are proliferating in New York, serving simple, fresh, satisfying food.




wedding cake andrea


It is the wedding season in Santa Barbara!

This special cake was made for a lovely bride at the Canary Hotel. When we went to deliver the cake,  Karen and I jumped on the elevator carefully holding securely said cake.  On the 2nd floor the elevator door opened and a lady with a very large furry dog (very cute and slobbering) attempted to enter the elevator. Note that the elevator is small and we are holding a very large wedding cake. I put my hand up like the singers in “Stop in the name of love,” and politely asked if she might catch the next one as we were holding a wedding cake and if it gets bumped or heaven forbid a dog hair on it. Disaster!! Lucky for us she did not come in and the cake was delivered intact and gorgeous.

A cake this beautiful must taste as good as it looks, and yes it does!!!


trucks and roads 2 yr bd cake











Two year old trucks and roads cake.

Our Pastry chefs make custom children’s cakes, bridal shower cakes, baby shower cakes,  and of course wedding cakes and all sorts of event cakes.

Call us to design your special cake today!


recpes photo red white and blue cookies


When Dining and Destinations magazine did a spread on Recipes Organic Bakery and we took sample items over for the shoot, the editors children were there. They told Dad on the down low that organic stuff doesn’t taste very good. Then after the shoot they tasted our cookies, cinnamon rolls and whoopee pies and I am happy to report they have changed their minds. They ate it all!!!  Organic at Recipes is yummy!  Our cookies are darling and the icing is soft and buttery.  Order a platter for your 4th celebration, or anytime you need great dessert, but don’t have the time to make it from scratch like we do, every day.