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Big news!! On Friday, we delivered our first shipment of organic, gluten free Maple Cashew Granola and our organic, fair trade Australian style coffee to Lazy Acres market! I met the excellent staff at the loading dock on the side of Lazy Acres and had to take a picture of our first drop off!!! Look for us in the bulk sections, where you can now load up on our goodies every time you shop. If you ask us, our sweet, hearty granola and smooth, rich coffee are staples in the cupboard, so if you haven’t tried them yet, swing by Lazy’s to stock up and enjoy at home!


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Meichelle sat down last week with Arthur von Wiesenberger, also known as Nipper of Table Talk, an online talk show that dishes out comprehensive reviews of local restaurants and Santa Barbara County wines. With a fresh baked cinnamon roll and organic maple cashew granola in tow, Meichelle chatted with Nipper about the beginnings of Recipes Bakery and what makes her Australian style coffee and sweet and savory baked goods so darn tasty. She even stuck around for cheeky talk show banter and a few laughs. To watch Meichelle on the show, click here!

Meichelle and Nipper share a laugh in the set.

Nipper is wooed by the sweet aroma of Recipes cinnamon rolls.

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Last week, we had a visit from John Dickson—better known as The Restuarant Guy and the man behind santabarbara.com—our town’s resident expert on all happenings in the local food world. He added Recipes Bakery to his Santa Barbara Restaurant Guide…Check it out here:


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The gals of LOVEmikana.com—a free daily email newsletter that brings the “Santa Barbara skinny” to your inbox—recently stopped by Recipes Bakery to check out our sweet space and sample our tasty treats. Take a look at what they thought!

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The opening week at Recipes Bakery has been a sweet success! KEYT recently stopped by to try our coffee and cinnamon rolls…Click here to see what they thought!

Here’s a recap of the news segment aired on January 18:

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Brooke Clunie with Meichelle

I jumped on a plane and flew from Sydney to Byron Bay where my favorite artist in pottery works and lives. Brooke Clunie creates beautiful tableware on her pottery wheel. We spent the day together picking out colorful bowls, whimsical platters, utensil holders and teapots to be sent to the new bakery in preparation for the opening. Brooke is petite in stature, but full of energy, and fun. While shooting the video of our visit to Red Door Studio she had me in stitches as she exaggerated her lovely Aussie accent, while throwing out a, “Good day Mate” on my arrival.

Brooke's colorful creations.

Brooke always offers us biscuits and refreshments while we are packing all the gorgeous pieces in boxes for shipping to the States. Each piece of pottery is wheel-thrown, hand painted, and fired in her kiln. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art.  I have Brooke’s pottery in my own kitchen as well as the new  bakery. They are treasures that I use in my kitchen for salads, pasta, fruit and to display as a decorative splash of color. Now anyone can see and purchase these bowls, platters, and utensil holders at Recipes Cinnamon Rolls.

Play the video below to see more images of Brooke’s pottery and to hear the story of how she and I originally connected…

Recipes Bakery and Pottery by Brooke Clunie from Wanberg Media Arts on Vimeo.

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Today I spent the day in Sydney with John, (a barista instructor), and David Gee, (owner of Barista Basics), brushing up on my coffee and hot chocolate making skills. I was a bit rusty at first, but was whipped into shape by a patient instructor with a great sense of humor and a keen eye to detail. John was across the room helping a customer at one point, while I was frothing milk. He, mid sentence, turned around and told me I was being  too aggressive with the aeration and to slow it down. I couldn’t believe he was so aware of what I was doing; he must be related to my wonderful mom. By end of day, I was getting smiles and nods from John on my flat whites, long blacks, lattes, ristrettos, cappuccinos, macchiatos, hot chocolates, and babyccinos.

Meichelle with John and David.

David has been working with my roaster on the central coast in California to make sure the beans are roasted and ready for our opening. (Looking like mid-November now).

The secret to a great coffee or hot chocolate are the best organic ingredients, a great roast, and a barista who knows how to prepare silky marshmallow-like milk at the perfect temperature, bringing out the natural sweetness of the milk and an espresso press that is bold and smooth. It is a lot of work to do things properly and consistently, but so worth it. Come in and try our  delicious Sydney-style coffees and hot chocolates with a cinnamon roll, or  ricotta blueberry pancakes, roasted cashew gluten free granola with honey-infused yogurt, breakfast sundae or another of our great menu options.
Watch the video below or click on recipesbakery.wordpress.com to be sent to my blog where you can watch the video.

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