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Brooke Clunie with Meichelle

I jumped on a plane and flew from Sydney to Byron Bay where my favorite artist in pottery works and lives. Brooke Clunie creates beautiful tableware on her pottery wheel. We spent the day together picking out colorful bowls, whimsical platters, utensil holders and teapots to be sent to the new bakery in preparation for the opening. Brooke is petite in stature, but full of energy, and fun. While shooting the video of our visit to Red Door Studio she had me in stitches as she exaggerated her lovely Aussie accent, while throwing out a, “Good day Mate” on my arrival.

Brooke's colorful creations.

Brooke always offers us biscuits and refreshments while we are packing all the gorgeous pieces in boxes for shipping to the States. Each piece of pottery is wheel-thrown, hand painted, and fired in her kiln. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art.  I have Brooke’s pottery in my own kitchen as well as the new  bakery. They are treasures that I use in my kitchen for salads, pasta, fruit and to display as a decorative splash of color. Now anyone can see and purchase these bowls, platters, and utensil holders at Recipes Cinnamon Rolls.

Play the video below to see more images of Brooke’s pottery and to hear the story of how she and I originally connected…

Recipes Bakery and Pottery by Brooke Clunie from Wanberg Media Arts on Vimeo.


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